This game was made for Mini Jam 66: Sweets in about 12 hours total.

Theme: The theme of the jam was sweets

Limitation: The limitation was we could only use two buttons for the entire game.


Cal is obsessed with watching tutorials on BotTube, and he's taken a special interest in candy making videos. He decides to start his own channel called "Candy Cal", and you get to make his first video with him, a taffy for video! Follow him through the process of making home-made taffy! (Note this version is only the demo)


For Titlescreen:

Double Tap Left Arrow Key: Start Game

Double Tap Right Arrow Key: Quit Game

For Actual Game:

Left Arrow Key: Move left

Right Arrow Key: Move right


Development & Design - Tyler Holloway

Creative Director - Nicholas Hellyer

Outside Assets - Credited in "Credits.txt"


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Credits.txt 664 bytes


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This is a fun minigame, despite its shortness! I wish I could rate it haha

But there's a glitch where if I collect two salts, it won't know and let me keep playing. Then I collect another, different item and it tells me that I collected all of the ingredients, and ALSO that I collected two of the same ingredient, but then it moves on to cooking the items in the stove. 
You don't need to fix it if you don't want to, I just wanted to let you know. 

Thats really weird it worked before, maybe it messed up when I exported it, I'll take a look thank you :)